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Meet Deep Instinct! Be part of the Deep Learning Revolution – 26th October 2021

Meet the only cyber security vendor that uses the same technology as Google and Netflix.

Expand your Vendor Portfolio with Revolutionary Deep Learning.

Join us for a Deep Learning-led discussion on the 26th October at Covent Garden Hotel, London where Deep Instinct will be sharing insights on their groundbreaking solution that reshapes the mindset of cybersecurity from reactive to preventative.

The event will be split into 2 parts:


Exciting insight at 3pm in the Screening Room covering the following topics:

– The Deep Instinct Story

– Why Become a Deep Instinct Partner

– Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

– Demo

– Cloud Distribution Support & Incentives

– Q&A

Partner Networking

Grab some food and drink at 5pm in the Fortune Room and catch up with peers, Deep Instinct and the Cloud Distribution team!

Register for your free ticket below – we look forward to seeing you there!

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