ARMR – Cyber Security Managed Services

With security operations moving to a Predict, Detect, Prevent, Respond framework, resellers must ensure that their customers are armed with the necessary information and tools to identify potential breaches in a fraction of the time that was previously acceptable.

ARMR is an industry first, fully managed, white label cyber security service offered to resellers for security products and solutions that are not necessarily in their or Cloud Distribution’s portfolio.  This gives resellers a huge opportunity to extend their reach and offer managed services and SOC as a service to their customers where previously they could not, due to skills or technology restrictions.

Through ARMR, resellers can now offer a broad solution set and operations centre to assist end user organisations with Information Security Management, Privacy, Governance, Risk and Compliance, without having to engage with multiple providers across the different disciplines.


Solution Brief

Monitoring Services Infosheet

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ARMR /armour/

noun: strong covering offering protection of something “nothing should get through armour”

synonyms: protective covering, armour plate, shield, protection “a suit of armour”

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